Our Program

By combining a nurturing environment with age-appropriate learning, we are focused on the complete development of your child - intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. We celebrate each child’s individuality while preparing them socially and emotionally to learn together. Our goal is to foster a love for learning by encouraging curiosity, creativity, and exploration.

Our curriculum stands on a firm foundation with over 50 years of success in preparing children for Kindergarten. We do not stop there as we are constantly learning so we can bring the best to our classrooms. As a result, our curriculum is constantly improving and evolving, and every classroom always has room for a new idea, challenge or adventure.

Academic Elements

Social/Emotional Development

A key component for learning. This starts with sharing and taking turns, but also includes listening to directions and finishing tasks. We help students identify their feelings of anger, sadness, happiness, and fear through games, puppets, and books. We want to grow confident, caring students that are aware of their classmates, respectful of their teachers, and ready to learn.


Literacy is fundamental to all that we do. We focus on recognition of letter and sound relationships, use of sight words, building vocabulary, and frequent reinforcement with rhymes, songs, and repetition to develop critical reading skills. Our young learners also gain confidence to express themselves as we develop their basic writing skills.


There is so much more to math than numbers and counting. Math is a critical area of development that builds reasoning skills. It also helps children recognize patterns, make logical connections, and perform more complex problem solving. This is all integrated through fun, age-appropriate activities that are part of our everyday classes.

Creative Arts

We love projects! We use art to explore, create, and reinforce other parts of our curriculum. Art is also an opportunity to develop fine motor skills, as well as a great confidence booster and chance for our students to express themselves. We love our projects so much that we celebrate them with an Art Fair each year.


A great way to leverage a child’s amazing curiosity is to explore the natural world around us. Topics can be anything from butterflies to wildlife or weather to magnets. Whatever the topic, our goal is to encourage observation and inquiry, and then start to show how science helps us to learn and organize our knowledge.

Physical Education

Physical activity is a daily part of our program whether indoor or outdoor. Some of our time is free play on our playgrounds. At other times, we use lesson plans, sports equipment, and the large variety of facilities available on our grounds. Whether running, stretching or dancing, we love to keep our bodies moving!

Additional Enrichment


Food is vital to our health and also such a fun way to explore. We might get messy, but we love being hands-on with our cooking projects.


A fun alternative that combines physical exercise with focus and discipline to build confidence. An instructor visits monthly.


Music is incorporated in our program in numerous ways, but on top of our daily activities, we also have a music teacher that visits regularly.


Early exposure to a second language has so many additional benefits. Our Spanish teacher comes to each class every two weeks.