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They are generally mailed in August, but are also available here for the current school year.

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Parent FAQ

How much does nursery school cost?

Our rates are published on our school application (see the Enroll Now section). We believe in complete transparency in our pricing. New families do not need to visit the school to see our pricing (although visits are highly encouraged to get to know us), and existing families can be rest assured that there is only one rate for each program.

How is tuition collected?

Tuition is split into 10 payments. Each payment covers 10% of the school year. For simplicity, payments are collected on the 10th of each month. Please note that payments do not correspond to the month they are collected (i.e. the September payment does not pay for September, it pays for 10% of the school year). For partial year enrollments, we always prorate to the exact school day.

What programs do you offer?

We have a variety of programs for ages from Two and a Half, Three Year Old, and Four Year Old (or Pre-K). We strive to offer enough options to meet a variety of needs while still preserving a traditional nursery school experience. Our Mini Day programs run from 9:30am - 1:30pm. Our Full Day programs run from 9:30am - 3:00pm. All programs cover the essentials while some (with more days or time) offer additional opportunities for learning and may provide a better solution based on parent schedules.

Can I enroll for different days than shown on your application?

Generally, we only support the days and times listed on our application. There is an important difference between many childcare providers and Briar Hill. Having the ability to choose exact days and hours can seem very desirable. However, there is a tradeoff with this flexibility - your child will often see different faces (staff and children) and the program and activities are compromised. At Briar Hill, we strive to find the right amount of flexibility while still retaining a traditional classroom with the same room, teachers, and children at all times.

What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum has been developed in-house over the past 50 years. It is unique to Briar Hill and one of the biggest keys to our success! While it is constantly improving and evolving, you can be confident in the experience of multiple generations of students that have graduated from Briar Hill well-prepared for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Are your teachers certified?

Our teachers meet all New Jersey requirements and standards for preschool educators and caregivers. Some hold additional certifications and degrees, and many have been teaching with us for so long that they have seen students return as parents. Our teachers are always engaged in professional development - attending frequent training sessions. In addition, every staff member at Briar Hill has been certified in CPR and First Aid from the Red Cross.

Can I visit during the school day?

We have an open door visitation policy. In addition, we have viewing rooms with one-way glass if you would like to observe your child’s class. Note: our visitation policy has been impacted by Covid-19 requirements and visitors are temporarily not permitted.

How to I keep up with my child’s progress?

Our teachers communicate in a number of ways. Each class has a private Facebook page where teachers post daily updates. In addition, teachers send home notes and handouts in each student’s class folder. Finally, teachers are always available for a brief conversation right after dismissal or at a scheduled time for any longer discussions. There are both informal parent-teacher conferences in the Fall and more formal, scheduled parent-teachers conferences in the Spring.

Do you have extended care options?

We offer both AM and PM care programs for parents that need a longer day. Please see the application for current times and rates.

Do the children nap?

Younger students in a Full Day program have a 30 minute rest period. This is a New Jersey state requirement. This applies to Two and Half and Three Year Old programs only.

How does lunch work?

All Mini Day and Full Day programs have a scheduled lunch time. Parents provide lunch, typically sent in a lunch bag or box. Briar Hill provides fruit juice. In addition, Briar Hill also provides a snack during the school day.

Parent Alerts

If the school needs to be closed for any reason, an announcement will be emailed. In addition, we also send out text alerts, but you must opt in to receive these alerts. To opt in, please send a text message to our main school number, 732-431-1629. The text message must include your name and the word "subscribe". The office will confirm your text.

Please note that we do not post closing messages on our website or on our answering machine. In addition, you must resubscribe each Fall in order to continue receiving text alerts.