Why Work at CBH

From arrival to dismissal and all of the activities in between, our CBH team makes camp happen each and every day! They are the heart and soul of our camp.

Working at camp is a truly unique experience that combines growth and responsibility with fun, friendship, and memories. If you have a love for children as well as a passion to be challenged with new opportunities, then consider making Briar Hill your summer home!

Note to CIT Applicants:

At Briar Hill, we believe in young people. Our passion for camp does not just apply to campers. It also applies to training young people and developing the next generation of leaders. Our approach is different from most camps, and it starts with the confidence we place in young people through our CIT program. Our CIT program does not have tuition like other camps. These are unpaid staff positions, and this program is generally the only way to advance to our counselor positions. As a result, the application process is admittedly competitive so please apply early and bring your ‘A’ game.

Open Positions

Adult Leader

Paid position. May be in a camp group or specialty area (art, activities, sports). Must be 18 or older
by the start of camp.

Counsleor in Training (CIT)

Unpaid positions assisting group counselors, and gaining experience for our counselor program. Must be 14 by the start of camp.

Lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor

Paid positions. Must be 16 or older before the start of camp. Training opportunities are available at Briar Hill.

Employment Forms

How to Submit


Feel free to take a photo of each page with your phone and email to office@briarhill.com. Please make sure each page is completely captured and legible. There are many great apps that make this super easy
(TurboScan, Genius, etc).


Fax your completed applications to 732-431-3732.

Important Dates

  • Applications

    Forms available in November. Applications accepted as long as positions are available.

  • Interviews

    Candidates scheduled for interviews. Office generally calls starting in January. Interviews are most commonly on a Saturday morning.

  • Hiring Decision

    On a rolling basis, generally 2-3 weeks after scheduled interview.

  • Paperwork

    Checklist of required documents sent and all paperwork returned in a timely manner.

  • Staff Orientation

    All Staff training event required by Briar Hill and the state of New Jersey.

Staff FAQ

What positions are generally available?

CIT positions are available every summer, but please apply early as spots are limited and it is competitive to get in. We also often have Lifeguard openings and occasionally have specialty openings (Art, Sport, Activities). See “Open Positions” above for the current list.

At what age am I eligible for a paid position?

You must be 16 at the start of camp to be considered for a paid position. All of our group counselors start as CITs, and serve at least one summer as a CIT (more commonly two summers) before being promoted. We do not hire group counselors unless they have previously served as a CIT at Briar Hill.

Do I need working papers?

All CITs or camp staff under 18 are required to get working papers before the start of camp. You will begin the process by creating an account at myworkingpapers.nj.gov. Once you have an account, you will need to fill out an application in order to get approval. A full set of instructions are available on myworkingpapers.nj.gov.

Can I miss days or time during the summer?

Availability is very important at Briar Hill and is strongly factored into hiring and promotion decisions. However, we also understand the desire to participate in training camps/practices or to go on family vacations. To be fair to all staff while meeting the needs of our campers, we have arrived at the following policy: we permit a maximum of 5 missed days during the camp season. If missing part of a day, anything less than 2 hours is considered a half day, and anything over 2 hours is considered a full day. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this policy. This policy is generally consistent with many school activities (but not all). Please consider your summer plans carefully and talk to your family, coach, etc before making a commitment.

What are the hours?

For most staff, hours are 8:50am to 4:35pm. For specialty teams, the hours may be slightly different. Staff of all ages can also be considered for openings in AM or PM care which have longer hours.

Is transportation available?

No. We do not offer bussing at Briar Hill. Most counselors either drive or get a ride. It is important to arrive on time for many reasons - not the least of which is that our driveway is very busy for camper arrival after 8:50am.

Is food provided?

Yes, whenever food is available to our campers, it is also available to staff.

Who is my supervisor?

Every staff member is supervised by a member of our Leadership Team. This is your first point of contact should an issue arise. For group counselors, there is a Division Coordinator that supervises every camp group. Each specialty area (Pool, Sport, Art, Activities)
has an Area Manager.

Can my parent call to discuss my work?

A parent is welcome to schedule an interview or call with general questions. However, once you become a staff member, we expect you to represent yourself in all employment matters. If you are 18 or over, we are not legally permitted to discuss your employment with a parent. If you are under 18, we are happy to discuss any employment issues with your parent, but only after you first make an attempt to resolve the issue by speaking to a member of our Leadership Team. We are here to support our staff, but part of doing so is encouraging you to speak up and communicate any concerns.