Camp Divisions

For the best age-appropriate programming, our camp is organized by divisions. In this way, your child’s camp experience grows with them.
Choose the division based on your child’s grade following summer camp.


Pre-K - K

A gentle introduction to camping with the most flexibility for enrollment. The Rookies Division offers 2, 3, 4 & 5 day options and even includes a Mini Day for those seeking a shorter day. Rookies have their own sports and art programs with dedicated instructors that specialize in younger campers. They have lesson & free swim, special events every day, and lots of other fun in store. They also have the smallest groups with extra staff to support the very youngest campers. All groups are coed.

Unique to the Rookies Division is a Pre-Camp Orientation on the Saturday before camp begins. This is a wonderful opportunity for campers and families to meet their counselors and have some fun while becoming more comfortable before the first day of camp.


1st - 2nd

New experiences and choices await our Junior Campers. Enrollment options switch to 3, 4 & 5 day only at this age for compatibility with elective programming. Junior Campers have two 30 minute elective periods each day, which gives them a first opportunity to choose what activities to explore. Parents are encouraged to help choose activities that balance fun favorites with chances to explore new things. Lesson and free swim are held every day, along with all the great special events on our calendar. Camp groups remain coed at this age.

All Junior Camper groups have an assigned barbecue date on the camp calendar. Campers stay after camp for an extra swim and more fun. Families join them for a chance to meet their counselors and
enjoy hot dogs and dessert.


3rd - 4th

The Senior Division brings new challenges and exploration. Elective programs expand with longer elective periods to tackle bigger projects, compete in more team events, or go deeper with favorite activities. The camp day is extended at this age (note: younger siblings stay for later dismissal too). Our amazing special events continue along with free swim and more advanced lesson swim. Groups may be coed or all boy/girl
depending on friend requests.

Senior Camper groups continue the tradition of camp barbecues - see the camp calendar for dates.


5th - 6th

The Varsity Division includes our oldest campers following a traditional camp schedule. Enrollment is limited at this age and generally sells out early. This division is only available to returning campers. Lesson swim is available, but is optional as Varsity Campers are often proficient swimmers. Elective choices are similar to the Senior Division, but are more in depth for these older, more experienced campers.
Groups are all boy or all girl only.

Varsity Camper groups continue the tradition of camp barbecues - see the camp calendar for dates.


7th - 8th

A new camper experience for our most mature campers. Enrollment is very limited and by invitation only. All-Stars is intended for campers that will eventually become Counselors-In-Training (CITs). It mixes some of the best in our traditional camper programs with behind-the-scenes opportunities to help with activities and special events. Campers are still in groups with leaders, but leaders function more as coaches and schedules are much more flexible.

All-Star Campers enjoy a unique Bonfire Blast experience held at night. This is a camper only experience (sorry, no parents) and is a thank you from Briar Hill to some of our most loyal and experienced campers!