Camper forms for the 2024 camp season.

2023 Camp Calendar

The camp calander for summer 2024 will be availble in June.

Extra Events

Pre-Camp Orientation

• Rookie Division only

• Each group has a scheduled time

• Times published in early June

Camp Barbecues

• Junior, Senior & Varsity Divisions

• Each group has a scheduled evening

• Assigned on Camp Calendar

Camp Shows

• Rookie through Varsity Division

• Performances throughout the camp day

• 2024 show schedule available in August

Parent FAQ

What is the best time to sign up?

Earlier to guarantee a spot, but anytime before camp is full. Our focus is to be the best, not the biggest. Therefore, we have a firm limit on our enrollment and don’t keep adding capacity. Starting on October 1st, there is a three week Priority Enrollment period for returning families to re-enroll. After that, Open Enrollment continues until camp is full.

Do you have XYZ Discount?

We don’t play games with pricing or discounts. We only have one pricelist, and the tuition is the same no matter who you are or when you signup. Our rates are the best value in the area (feel free to ask around). We offer a Sibling Discount for families with multiple campers.

How many counselors in a group OR what is your camper to staff ratio?

Every group has a Group Leader, a Senior Counselor, a Junior Counselor, and two Counselors-In-Training (CITs). These 5 counselors remain with their group at every activity (note: Pre-k groups receive an extra CIT for more help). The group counselors are the core team responsible for making your child’s summer great! In addition to all these counselors, each specialty area (pool, art, sports, activities, etc.) has its own team. All told, the camp-wide ratio is approximately 2 ½ campers per staff member. Within a group, the ratio is 3:1 for Rookies, 4:1 for Juniors & Seniors, 5:1 for Varsity, and 6:1 for All-Stars.

How old or experienced are your counselors?

Our counselor program is unique among area camps. Almost all of our counselors start as CITs. We are highly selective in accepting CITs, and because they start at age 14, we have extra time to train and prepare them for more responsibility. As a result, by the time a counselor reaches Group Leader, they have generally been with us for 5+ years. All of our training happens under the close supervision of our Division Coordinators, who each supervise a small number of camp groups. Each Division Coordinator is an experienced member of our Leadership Team with an average of 20+ years of camping experience.

Can my child be with their friend?

Generally, yes. When camp forms are released each Spring, there is a place to request a friend. Provided these forms are returned in a timely manner, we are almost always able to match friend requests. There are generally two requirements: (1) friends must be in the same grade and (2) friends must be the same gender for our older groups which are not coed.

What does my child need for camp each day?

You will receive a handout before camp that covers this in detail. However, the main things are a change of clothes, second swimsuit, towels, sneakers (no sandals or flip-flops), and sunscreen. It is important that everything is labeled. Clothes should be play clothes - nothing fancy as we plan to be messy at times. Some campers also like to bring swim goggles (common) or water shoes (less common). We will provide a camp bag to put everything in. You do not need to send any food or drink unless there is a dietary concern or your child does want the lunch option. Water bottles are also unnecessary (and usually end up in lost & found) as we have water stations throughout the camp.

Should my child bring anything for the pool?

Besides swimwear and towels, not much. Swim goggles are common, and some like to have water shoes for the splash park. We do not permit swim aids from home (swimmies, bubbles, or other toys). We also do not permit metal hair pins or clips in the pool.

Are cell phones permitted at camp?

Cell phones and other electronics are not permitted at camp. This applies to both counselors and campers. We are passionate that everyone should be engaged in the moment and focused on their friends and activities at camp. The office can send or receive calls, texts, or emails to handle any necessary communication during the day.

Does my child have to swim or participate in an activity?

We don’t force anyone to participate, but we will definitely encourage them. The pool staff will call home if a child is not participating in lessons. Likewise, a division coordinator will call home if there is a pattern of not participating. Your feedback will determine how we proceed. Before summer begins, you will fill out an “All About Me” form. This is an initial opportunity to give your Group Leader a heads up on any concerns you may have or hints on how we help your child succeed.

What if my child does not like the lunch option?

Each camp day, there is one lunch option that is published on the camp calendar. We do have a backup option just in case, but we also encourage you to pack an alternate lunch if there is a known concern. Any packed lunch should be in a brown bag and not require heating up or preparation to serve. We refrigerate all packed lunches.

Are you a nut free facility?

No. All of our snacks and lunch options are nut-free; however, campers may bring food to camp that contains nuts. We are extremely careful with all food allergies and dietary requirements. We send emails regarding any special activities that involve food. All food allergies are recorded in multiple places - on each group roster, on posters in each group’s home base, and also double checked by our food staff when groups pick up food. We regularly have campers that require an epi-pen in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

What happens if there is an emergency?

We plan and prepare for everything - drills, safety protocols, response plans - you name it, we’ve thought of it and prepared for it. Having said that, camp is an incredibly safe environment - one of the safest places for kids. The level of supervision is amazing. At any moment, there are staff shirts visible in all directions. Leaders wear walkie talkies and constantly communicate any concern or issue that comes up. In the event of a medical emergency, every member of our Leadership Team and Pool Staff are Pro CPR and First Aid certified (about 40 of us in total). So, while the overwhelming majority of our First Aid is treating a bump or scrape, you can be confident that your child is in good hands at Briar Hill.

Do you take pictures at camp?

Yes, we have a camp photographer that is constantly capturing fun photos to post to our Flickr account. We send out a link after the first week of camp so that you can follow along and enjoy any pics that we post.